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Стихи про погоду на английском

Автор: aleksashka
Опубликовано: 4378 дней назад (31 мая 2012)
Редактировалось: 4 раза — последний 31 мая 2012
Голосов: 0

Детские стихи про погоду, грозу, туман и облака на английском:

M. Goldish,

Weather is hot,
Weather is cold,
Weather is changing
As the weeks unfold.

Стихи wind

Стихи Rain


Skies are cloudy,
Skies are fair,
Skies are changing
In the air.
It is raining,
It is snowing,
It is windy
With breezes blowing.
Days are foggy,
Days are clear,
Weather is changing
Throughout the year!

Jack Prelutsky

This little old man lived all alone,
And he a was a man of sorrow,
For if the weather was fair today,
He was sure it would rain tomorrow.

H. H. Moore

What makes weather?
Do you know?
What makes rain,
and sleet,
and snow?
What makes summer warm and breezy?
What makes winter cold and sneezy?
What makes autumn crisp and keen?
What makes spring so warm and green?
I know, I know
what makes weather!
Lots of things that work together:
Wind and water,
earth's rotation,
bring the seasons
to each nation.
So now we all know
what makes weather—
lots of things that
work together!

I like to watch the way the wind
can spin a weather vane.
I like to wear my big blue boots
to splash with in the rain.
I like to ride my bright red sled
on cold snowy days.
I like to feel the sun's warm rays
when I wade in the ocean waves.
Wind, rain, snow, and sun
Every kind of weather
is wonderful and fun!

Weather Helper Song

(To the tune of "Oh My Darlin")
Weather Helper, Weather Helper
What's the weather outside?
Go and look out the window,
Tell us what you see outside.
What's the weather?
What's the weather?
What's the weather tell everyone.
Is it windy? Is it cloudy? Is there rain? or is there sun?

Whether the weather be fine
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold
Or whether the weather be hot,
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not.

Стихотворение про грозу:

H. H. Moore

Outside, thunder crashes!
Outside, lightening flashes!
Outside, wild rain lashes!
Inside, we are safe.
Inside, we are warm.
Inside, there is comfort.
Outside, there is STORM!

M. C. Duch

It's snug and dry within the car,
But wild and wet outside,
Though some complain and some may whine,
I like a rainy ride.
I like to hear the raindrops
Beating on the glass.
I like to watch the giant trucks
Splush-splashing as they pass.
I like to see the wipers
Swinging to and fro;
And watch the wriggling raindrops
As up the panes they go.
Riding through a rainstorm
It's great to be alive!
But Daddy says I feel that way
'Cause I don't have to drive.

Стихи про туман:

L. Moore

Stand still.
The fog wraps you up
and no one can find you.
The fog opens up
to let you through
and closes behind you.

Jack Prelutsky

Today's a foggy foggy day,
it's hard to see a thing,
I cannot see the robins,
though I think I hear them sing.
The flowers are invisible,
I can't discern the trees,
my feet are imperceptible,
I barely see my knees.
Today's a foggy foggy day,
it's dreary and it's weird,
the sun is not in evidence,
the sky has disappeared.
There's nothing I can recognize,
I'm feeling mystified,
and I suspect I'll find it's worse
as soon as I'm outside.

Стихотворение про облако:

M. Goldish

What is fluffy?
What is white?
What can you see
When skies are bright?
What can float?
What brings rain?
What may be higher
Than a bird or plane?
Say it out loud:

M. C. Duch

Over in the meadow,
There's a place where I
Like to sit beneath a tree
And watch the clouds drift by:
Thin wispy clouds
Stretched across the sky;
Thick, puffy clouds
Piled up high.
When you look up at the clouds,
You can see most anything:
Cloud knights guard
A castle for the king;
Cloud cats prowl
On little cloud feet;
And cloud children play
On a cloud-lined street.
Cloud horses gallop;
And cloud birds fly,
When I sit beneath my tree
And watch the clouds drift by.

James Hörner

Rain rain
falls on the street,
mud in puddles
cleaning my feet.

Thunder thunder
rumble and roar,
close the windows
and lock the door.

Clouds clouds
black and gray,
heavy with water
to drop all day.

Sun sun
is breaking through,
clouds are moving,
the rain stops too.

Rainbow rainbow
across the sky,
see-through colours
to tickle my eyes.
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