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Стихи про насекомых на английском

Автор: aleksashka
Опубликовано: 4388 дней назад (19 июня 2012)
Редактировалось: 3 раза — последний 27 мая 2012
Голосов: 0

Детские стихи на английском про насекомых:

Стихотворение про осу:

A. Ruddick

Wasps in brightly
Coloured vests,
Chewing wood,
To make their nests.


Wasps, like rockets,
Zooming high,
Then dropping down
Where peaches lie.

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Стихотворения про муравьев на английском:

Left, Right
Left,  Right
We're army ants.
We swarm. We fight.
We have no home.
We roam.
We race.
You're lucky if
We miss your place.

D. Florian

1 ant, 2 ants , 3 ants 4
our picnic is their grocery store
5 ants 6 ants 7 ants 8
they are crawling on my plate
8 ants 7 ants stomp around
6 ants 5 ants on the grouns
4 ants 3 ants on the run
2 ants 1 ant no more fun.

Стихотворение про комара:

M. Goldish

Pesky mosquito,
Please fly away!
The buzzing in my ear
Is spoiling my day!

Стихотворения про жуков на английском:

I am very fond of bugs.
I kiss them
And I give them hugs.

Hug a bug, Hug a bug,
But don't EVER hug a bee!
It might sting your nose,
your hand, or your knee.

R. Bacmeister

A teeny little bug
Goes climbing up the grass,
What a lot of tiny little legs he has!
I can see his eyes,
Small and black and shiny.
I CAN'T THINK how it feels to be so tiny!
Oh when the bugs come out in spring
Oh when the bugs come out in spring
I want to be outside watching
When the bugs come out in spring
I'll see some crawl; I'll see some fly
I'll count how many go marching by
I'll watch and see how many I know
Of the bugs that come out in spring.

S. Chehrenegar

The beetle crawls on leaf and twig,
Not caring that it isn't big.
It eats its fill, and then, well fed,
The beetle, its elytra spread,
Does fly to other bush or tree,
Where more morsels it hopes to see.

Стихотворения про светлячка на английском:

M. Goldish

Firefly, firefly,
Wow, how you glow!
Under your body
You light up below!
Firefly, firefly,
Wow, how you shine!
At night in the dark
I can see you just fine!
A little light is going by,
Is going up to see the sky,
A little light with wings.
I never could have thought of it,
To have a little bug all lit
And made to go on wings.

G. W. Coplen

I like to chase the fireflies,
Chase them to and fro'
I like to watch them dart about,
Their little lamps aglow.
In the evening's twilight dim
I follow them about,
I often think I have one caught,
And then his light goes out.
I cannot tell just where he is
Until he winks, you see,
Then far away I see his light,
He's played a joke on me.

Стихотворение про муху на английском:

A fly flies by, quicker than the eye!
On two thin wings, it darts up high.
Those tiny wings can really fly!
Beating 200 times a second - oh, my!
The fly goes Buzz as it flaps in the air.
The Buzz you hear are the wings going by!
So if a fly ever catches your eye
Don't ask why it buzzes - you now know why!

Стихотворение про кузнечика на английском:

Hop, Hop, Hop
My, what strength
A grasshopper hops
Twenty times its length
Hop in the grass
Or on a single blade,
Hop in the sun
Or hop in the shade.
Farmer says, "Grasshopper,
Stay off my crop!"
There goes the grasshopper,

Стихотворение про сверчка на английском:

Helen Wing

What makes the crickets "crick" all night
And never stop to rest?
They must take naps in daytime
So at night they'll "crick" their best.
I wonder if they just take turns
And try to make it rhyme'
Or do a million crickets
Keep "cricking" all the time?

Стихотворение про улитку на английском:

He cannot fly.
He cannot hop.
He cannot run at all.
But you should see
The way he goes
Slowly up the wall.
He cannot skip
Or race about.
He has one way to go;
And as I watched him
I must say
He's good at going slow.

Стихотворение про скорпиона на английском:

The scorpion is black as soot?
He dearly loves to bite,
He is the most unpleasant brute
To find in bed at night
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